Become a part of our mission to help raise awareness of internet crimes against children and support victims of sex trafficking crimes.

elated-grouping-2We are Purely Elated to provide PURE PRODUCTS with PURPOSE! PURE – using only the finest natural ingredients that nature has to offer to make PRODUCTS that are so luxurious and effective that they renew and beautify the person on the outside to match the beautiful child of God on the inside. Our PURPOSE is to help raise awareness of sex trafficking in America and throughout the world. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to support shelters for victims of sex trafficking crimes.

It is really very simple. If you will become part of our affiliate program, you will receive 10 % of all sales of Purely Elated products that are generated as a result of a link from your website. You just have to be an organization that is directly related to supporting sex trafficking victims or creating awareness of internet crimes against children. If you are interested in raising money to support your cause and help victims of sex trafficking, just fill out this simple registration form and we will contact you about linking your website to our affiliate program.


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