Purely Elated: Our Line of All Natural Skin Care Products

Today we would like to share with our readers our line of all natural skin care products. Whether you are searching for the best anti-aging product, handmade soap, or body care product, like body butter and body lotion, Purely Elated has what you need. You can reach our shop through this link. Our skin care […]

Aromatherapy Candles from Purely Elated

We have talked a lot about how Purely Elated donates 10% of proceeds to help fight sex trafficking. And we have also discussed our anti-aging products, but one thing we have not covered is our very popular and all natural aromatherapy candles. In the image above is our Coconut Lime Verbena Aromatherapy candle. We also […]

Purely Elated As a Digital Defender for WeAreThorn.Org

In the fight against sex trafficking and the exploitation of children, there is a mover and shaker making great strides using technology to fight so much of the darkness technology has made so easily accessible to child predators. That company is called WeAreThorn.org and was founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, two Hollywood powerhouses […]

The Birth of a Dream: The Beautiful Story Behind Purely Elated

I have a story to share. Not only is it a story of how a dream came to fruition, but as the blogger for the wonderful natural skin care product line called Purely Elated, it is a personal story of transformation. Before I begin I would like you to read about Purely Elated and the […]

Best Articles About Other Businesses Fighting Sex Trafficking

As we have mentioned before, 10% off all sales of Purely Elated natural skin care products goes toward fighting sex trafficking. We have also discussed Cause Marketing, the most wonderful trend in business where creating products with purpose and backing a cause bigger than themselves is catching on like wildfire. What a great thing it […]

The Beautiful Trend in Business of Supporting a Cause

One of the most beautiful trends in business these days is companies creating products with purpose. Like Purely Elated–which gives 10% of all proceeds to fight sex trafficking-so many businesses are getting on the bandwagon of giving back by supporting a cause bigger than themselves. There is even a name for this trend. It’s called Cause […]

Vero Beach Cultural Arts Village-Our Part and the Vision

Purely Elated products are handmade by Lauren Leonard, who owns the brand and creates the products herself, using knowledge gained with her Master’s degree in Microbiology. If you are wondering why there is a picture of this beautiful Victorian home on 19th Place in Vero Beach, hang on while we share our amazing journey. Along with […]

Awareness and Education are the Key to Fighting Sex Trafficking

Here at PurelyElated.com, we offer all-natural skin care products with purpose, and our cause is fighting sex trafficking. 10% of all sales go toward fighting this cause. But we also believe that the best way to fight sex trafficking is through awareness and education. In that vein, below are links to articles and information to […]

Christmas Gift Ideas from Purely Elated

How often do you hear the term at Christmas, “I have no idea what to get her?” Especially from a husband, boyfriend or significant other who have been together a long time. Finding a very special Christmas gift for the lady in your life is usually a struggle for guys. Well we have great news […]

Fighting Sex Trafficking and The Science Of Altruism

What if we told you it is a scientific fact that a life lived in the service of others or the fight for a greater cause than yourself actually makes you happier? This article from Mental Floss, 7 Scientific Benefits of Helping Others very much backs up our claim. And not only that, this article from the […]