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Products with Purpose Are Changing the World

cause marketing

The Huffington Post predicted it seven years ago. And Purely Elated covered it just a few months ago with our article below. What is it? Well, just the most wonderful thing that has occurred on our planet in many moons, and that is products with purpose–products that use cause marketing, or the practice of supporting […]

The Ten Commandments of Cause Marketing

In a previous post here at the Purely Elated blog, we discussed Cause Marketing. Today we would like to expound on this topic by sharing an article from Engage for Good, The Ten Commandments of Cause-Related Marketing.  This is vital information from an organization whose business it is to help companies who want to give back […]

The Beautiful Trend in Business of Supporting a Cause

One of the most beautiful trends in business these days is companies creating products with purpose. Like Purely Elated–which gives 10% of all proceeds to fight sex trafficking-so many businesses are getting on the bandwagon of giving back by supporting a cause bigger than themselves. There is even a name for this trend. It’s called Cause […]