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Her Song Jacksonville, Florida Opens Freedom Cottage

The team at Purely Elated is so happy to share the great news from an organization that we have been supporting and cheering on, Her Song. Her Song was established in 2013 to meet an overwhelming need. Literally thousands of young women and girls are trapped in a life of violence and exploitation right here, […]

Good News in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

The team at Purely Elated, while busy creating wonderful, all natural skin products, is also busy continuing the fight against sex trafficking. We donate 10% of all proceeds from the sale of Purely Elated products to help fight this cause. Like warriors in battle, we continue to arm and educate ourselves and pass what we […]

The Fight to End Human Trafficking

In a CNN documentary “Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking,” actress Jada Pinkett Smith worked closely with CNN producers to shed light on the growing epidemic of human trafficking in the United States — in particular, Atlanta. It’s a problem that may seem too big to tackle, but for the thousands of people […]

Latest News and Important Information About Sex Trafficking

One of our biggest goals at Purely Elated is to make our readers aware of the insidious issue of sex trafficking. We always like to also let our readers know that in an effort to help fight this battle against our children, we donate 10% of all proceeds from the sales of our all natural […]

Purely Elated As a Digital Defender for WeAreThorn.Org

In the fight against sex trafficking and the exploitation of children, there is a mover and shaker making great strides using technology to fight so much of the darkness technology has made so easily accessible to child predators. That company is called and was founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, two Hollywood powerhouses […]

Best Articles About Other Businesses Fighting Sex Trafficking

As we have mentioned before, 10% off all sales of Purely Elated natural skin care products goes toward fighting sex trafficking. We have also discussed Cause Marketing, the most wonderful trend in business where creating products with purpose and backing a cause bigger than themselves is catching on like wildfire. What a great thing it […]

Awareness and Education are the Key to Fighting Sex Trafficking

Here at, we offer all-natural skin care products with purpose, and our cause is fighting sex trafficking. 10% of all sales go toward fighting this cause. But we also believe that the best way to fight sex trafficking is through awareness and education. In that vein, below are links to articles and information to […]

Fighting Sex Trafficking and The Science Of Altruism

What if we told you it is a scientific fact that a life lived in the service of others or the fight for a greater cause than yourself actually makes you happier? This article from Mental Floss, 7 Scientific Benefits of Helping Others very much backs up our claim. And not only that, this article from the […]

Melissa Woodward King: Sex Trafficking, A Survivor’s Story

When the vision for Purely Elated came to the owner, Lauren Leonard, one of the greatest inspirations-second only to the desire to provide high-quality, pure products to women-was the story of Melissa Woodward King, a real survivor of sex trafficking who became a spokesperson and advocate for victims of sex trafficking. Watch Melissa’s story in […]

How Purely Elated Supports Sex Trafficking Victims?

fight sex trafficking

We are Purely Elated to provide         PURE PRODUCTS with PURPOSE! PURE-using only the finest natural ingredients that nature has to offer to make PRODUCTS that are luxurious and effective. Our PURPOSE is to help raise awareness of sex trafficking in America and throughout the world.  10% of all proceeds will be […]