Products with Purpose Are Changing the World

cause marketing

The Huffington Post predicted it seven years ago. And Purely Elated covered it just a few months ago with our article below. What is it? Well, just the most wonderful thing that has occurred on our planet in many moons, and that is products with purpose–products that use cause marketing, or the practice of supporting a cause along with producing and selling their products. Purely Elated creates all natural skin care products and we donate 10% of all proceeds from the sales from our product line to fight sex trafficking.

The Beautiful Trend in Business of Supporting a Cause

Since that article from Huffington Post, Products with Purpose are Changing the World, so many companies and brands have joined the cause marketing revolution. Purely Elated is making a concerted effort to connect with other brands who are supporting the cause of fighting sex trafficking. If you have a product and/or brand that believes we can make a difference in the fight against human trafficking, please contact me, the blog editor for Purely Elated, at, and we can talk about what we can do to network and share the word across the internet. We are also interested in exchanging product samples and reviews here and on your website/blog.

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