The Ten Commandments of Cause Marketing

cause marketing

In a previous post here at the Purely Elated blog, we discussed Cause Marketing. Today we would like to expound on this topic by sharing an article from Engage for Good, The Ten Commandments of Cause-Related Marketing.  This is vital information from an organization whose business it is to help companies who want to give back by supporting causes they feel strongly about. Of course, our cause is to fight sex trafficking, but if you have a company or product, no matter how large or small, this article will teach you everything you need to know about getting started with Cause Marketing.

Below is the first few sections of the article. You can read it in its entirety here and also learn more about Engage for Good.

By Kurt Aschermann, President of the Charity Partners Foundation

Cause-related marketing is a partnership between a for-profit and a nonprofit where each has something to offer the other, and both realize a benefit. When you select a potential partner that has a natural affinity with your nonprofit, the result can be added revenue, increased media exposure, public relations, or all three—for both partners.

To be successful you have to think creatively. In fact, think less about cause-marketing and more about Partnering—becoming the partner of your corporate collaborator—and you will have more success.

So how about some Commandments for becoming a partner of a corporation?

First Commandment: Understand your product and your value.

Not only must we understand what uniqueness we are bringing to the table in a relationship (our Unique Service Proposition, if you will), but we also must understand the value we bring to the table. Your brand is worth something. Make sure you know that and articulate that to your potential partner. It’s the value of your brand (and your ability to execute) that are worth something to a corporation.

Second Commandment: Understand business and how it works.

You don’t need an MBA, but when a partner talks about “market share” you need to understand the jargon. Our goal in relationships is to have the corporate partner say, “You aren’t like other nonprofits.” We must demonstrate an understanding of what they are doing—and that we can help.

Third Commandment: Follow classic account management principles.

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